Our Purpose

Championing Saudi Arabia’s Halal Industries

To localize and develop Saudi Arabia's halal industries, HPDC strives to enable its partners to succeed. As part of its support for the local halal industry, the company invests in multiple emerging subsectors to help create a vibrant commercial environment. With a focus on contributing to the growth of the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics sectors, HPDC is committed to increasing exports and enabling Saudi Arabia to further strengthen its position at the center of the global halal industry.

Driven by a large and rapidly growing Muslim population across the globe, the halal food sector is continuing to flourish. HPDC offers comprehensive support for its partners to develop the halal ecosystem both domestically and globally.

Halal pharmaceuticals are strictly manufactured according to Islamic regulations. By establishing partnerships with industry leaders, HPDC aims to support the growth of the halal pharmaceutical industry and increase its effectiveness.

HPDC will support both businesses and investors in enhancing the quality and variety of halal cosmetics products available to consumers around the world.

Promoting Halal Worldwide

HPDC is proud to operate as a commercial enabler of the local and global halal industries. The company’s activities align with vision 2030 to develop the halal industry, supports economic growth, invest in priority sectors, and localize capabilities to position Saudi Arabia as a leading global center for the halal industry.

Global spending on halal products and services is forecast to reach $2.8 trillion by 2025, while studies indicate that more than 80% of consumers in OIC countries are willing to pay a premium for Saudi products. This creates exciting opportunities for the Kingdom's halal sector.