Halal Products Development Company

Halal Products Development Company (HPDC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) established to localize the halal production industry in Saudi Arabia and develop the halal ecosystem globally. Driven by a mission to position Saudi Arabia as the global halal hub, HPDC actively supports the local halal industry's growth, facilitating economic expansion and diversification in line with the objectives of Vision 2030. HPDC empowers its global partners to expand, reach their objectives and enhance their operations through its provision of specialized investment within the industry.


In the Future of Halal

HPDC investment strategy is aimed at supporting the halal industry's continued growth across a variety of key sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics amongst others. HPDC strives to position the Kingdom as the leading global hub for the halal industry, strengthening local halal production capabilities in Saudi Arabia and developing the halal ecosystem globally. The company works to incubate disruptive technology solutions, help accelerate development, create job opportunities and enable innovation locally and globally. HPDC strives to empower halal business and investors to make a mark within the industry, creating pathways to seamlessly integrate across supply chains of targeted sectors and thrive.


World-Class Advisory Services

In addition to its investment activities, HPDC supports the halal industry through Halal Products Advisory (HPA), the company’s specialized advisory arm. HPA leverages best-in-class advisory and technology solutions to drive Saudi Arabia to become the global leader of the halal economy based on three strategic priorities:

Working in collaboration with accredited halal certifiers, HPA supports companies throughout their process of obtaining halal certification, providing access to a comprehensive halal knowledge and training platform.

HPA offers access to a world-class network of halal analytical experts, facilitating third-party product testing for microbials, chemicals and food products.

HPA enables access to global halal products markets for Saudi stakeholders by providing market intelligence, matchmaking and MICE services, in addition to facilitating access to Saudi halal markets for global players through the identification of local partners.



We aim to position KSA as the leading and globally recognized center of the halal sector.



To create a successful halal ecosystem in Saudi Arabia by attracting and partnering with international players, increasing halal exports and fostering innovation.




HPDC builds trust by successfully driving the halal sector forward on a path of sustainable growth to achieve its strategic objectives.


HPDC strives to provide services and support in a fair and principled manner that contribute to the development of the local and global halal industries.


HPDC is committed to supporting the development of products of the highest quality that embody the noble values associated with halal.


HPDC leverages innovations in technology to enrich the halal ecosystem in line with the ambitions of Vision 2030.

Social Responsibility

HPDC is dedicated to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner that enhances the quality of life in communities across the globe.



Halal products and services are an embodiment of the values that have guided civilizations for centuries, including quality, consideration, attention to detail, and honesty.

With the rapid pace of change occurring across Saudi Arabia’s halal industries, HPDC has emerged as a believer in, enabler of, and supporter of operators within this key sector. Our organization is proud to extend comprehensive assistance aimed at empowering organizations to enter halal sectors, create longstanding value and flourish.

Through funding, advisory services, incubation, and mutually beneficial cooperation, HPDC strives to provide the solutions our partners need to enhance their operations across the entire halal industry value chain. Our long-term goals are to localize and develop Saudi Arabia’s halal industry, increase halal product exports, create thousands of skilled career opportunities, and position the Kingdom as the leading global hub for halal.

HPDC comes as an extension of PIF’s strategy to diversify the Saudi economy and accelerate the development of promising sectors. By strengthening the halal industry’s capabilities, we are excited to help guide its growth and create immeasurable added value for our partners. We welcome you to join us on our mission as we explore and unlock the limitless potential within Saudi Arabia’s halal industries.

With a shared passion for the industry, we are dedicated to help increase awareness across the globe on the quality and variety of halal products, showing the world that halal is for everyone.

Fahad S. AlNuhait

Chief Executive Officer